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Goodness comes in all shapes and sizes. Packed with essential nutrients and flavor, take a look at all the delicious dairy products we bring you all the way from our happy farms to your table.

Buy Variety of Rainbow Quality Milk at Best Price in UAE & Saudi Arabia

Evaporated Milk

From our farms in Europe, fresh milk is transformed into rich and creamy Rainbow Evaporated Milk. With no preservatives or added sugar, Rainbow Evaporated Milk makes a wholesome addition to your tea, coffee and favourite recipes, adding magic to everything it touches.

Flavoured Milk

Take the flavourful goodness of milk on-the-go with Rainbow Flavoured Milk. Available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana flavour, these single-serve milk boxes serve as great lunchbox treats, snacks or wholesome alternatives to juice.


With our range of cooking products, Rainbow can take you through the day from breakfast and lunch to tea time and dinner. With Rainbow Evaporated Milk, Cream, Milk Powder and UHT Milk, all your recipes will always have that special secret ingredient.

Ready to Drink Milk

Made from recombined UHT treated cow milk powder, Rainbow RTD milk not only stays ready-to-enjoy for longer, it also provides you with all the goodness of fresh milk with essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals and fat.

Instant Milk Powder

Made from pure cow’s milk, Rainbow Instant Milk powder is 100% natural and dissolves smoothly to make delicious, nutritious milk instantly. Like regular milk, it’s rich in all the essential nutrients you need to get your day started or to cook up scrumptious desserts and yogurts.

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