Rainbow Evaporated Milk Cafeteria 410g

From our farms in Europe, fresh milk is transformed into rich and creamy Rainbow Evaporated Milk. With no preservatives or added sugar, Rainbow Evaporated Milk makes a wholesome addition to your tea, coffee and favourite recipes, adding magic to everything it touches.

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Ingredients: Semi-skimmed cow’s milk, Stabiliser (E339), Vitamin D. Total Fat 4%, Milk solids-non-fat 20% min., Milk protein in Milk solids-non-fat 34% min.

Calories 117
Total fat (g) 4.3
Saturated fat (g) 2.9
Trans fat (g) 0.08
Cholesterol (mg) 16
salt (g) 0.32
Total Carbohydrate (g) 12
Added sugar (g) 0
Protein (g) 7.3
Calcium (mg) 260
Vitamin D (µg) 2.4