Rainbow Thick Cream 125g

With our range of cooking products, Rainbow can take you through the day from breakfast and lunch to tea time and dinner. With Rainbow Evaporated Milk, Cream, Milk Powder and UHT Milk, all your recipes will always have that special secret ingredient.

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Ingredients: Water, Non-hydrogenated Coconut oil, Skimmed cow’s Milk, Fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil, , Stabilizers (E410, E401, E412, E407), Emulsifier from plant origin (E471), Flavoring (natural and artificial cream flavor.), salt. Vegetable Fat 25% min. Milk-s

Calories 253
Total fat (g) 25
Saturated fat (g) 23.5
Trans fat (g) 0.2
Cholesterol (mg) 3
salt (g) 52
Total Carbohydrate (g) 4.2
Dietary Fiber (g) 4
Total sugar (g) 4.2
Added sugar (g) 0.5
Protein (g) 2.7
Calcium (mg) N/A