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Rainbow is one of the widely popular brands of FrieslandCampina Middle East, the regional subsidiary of Netherlands-based dairy cooperative Royal FrieslandCampina. Tailored for the Middle East market, the Rainbow product range represents health and vitality and comprises long life dairy products and derivatives such as ready-to-drink milk, milk powder, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and cream. Rainbow products contain up to 27 essential vitamins and minerals and are produced according to ISO standards.

In 1955, Rainbow was launched as one of the first multinational brands in the Arab region, offering a new range of packaged dairy products that were convenient, long-lasting, tasty and nutritious. Rainbow evaporated milk products were sold in the tin packaging format for easy storage and transportation over long distances across the remote Bedouin settlements.

Rainbow's biggest markets in the Middle East, today, include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. Rainbow Milk is produced at FrieslandCampina's plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and exported across the Middle East. The plant started operation in 1975 as Jamjoom Foremost Dairy Ltd, producing long life milk, flavoured milk, yoghurt and fresh cream.

The Rainbow brand has won the hearts of dairy lovers in the Middle East for the past 60 years. Rainbow has been a part of every morning, every evening, every family picnic, every drive, every kitchen cupboard, every breakfast table, every comforting moment, every friend's visit, every celebration and every season since 1955.

History and Timeline

1955 - Rainbow is one of the first multinational brands to be introduced to the Arab world.

1975 - Rainbow Milk production starts in Saudi Arabia at Jamjoom Foremost Dairy Ltd.

2005 - Rainbow Milk launches a new design for its entire product portfolio, which includes Evaporated Milk, Milk Powder, Long Life Milk and Sweetened Condensed Milk, bringing brand synergy to a household name.

2009 - Friesland Foods merges with Campina to become the largest dairy co-operation in the world and renames it as Royal FrieslandCampina.

2014 - FrieslandCampina replaces traditional paper labels on Rainbow condensed milk cans with heat-shrinkable plastic for resistance against extreme temperature changes in the Middle East.

2015 - Rainbow celebrates 60 years of business in the Middle East.


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